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Opportunities in hydrogen

Australia - December 22 2020 The global hydrogen market is primed to grow significantly over the coming decade, as part of the transition to net-zero emissions. Both the…

Annabel Griffin, Roderick Smythe

Australia, Japan hydrogen cooperation agreement offers glimpse of industry potential

Australia, Japan - January 24 2020 The prospects of a global liquified hydrogen market took a step forward this month, with Australia and Japan signing a joint statement on cooperation…

Lachlan Fahey, Anthony Di Gregorio

Hydrogen - energy of the future?

Australia - August 15 2019 With the global search for reliable, clean and affordable energy becoming more and more intense, one of the most intriguing questions is whether…

Dominic Bortoluzzi, Annabel Griffin


Australia - December 4 2018 澳大利亚司法部于上月28日正式公布《2018外国影响力透明度方案修改草案》以修改已公布的《2018外国影响力透明度方案法》和《2017国家安全法修正案(间…

Malcolm Brennan

Critical infrastructure: are you ready to report?

Australia - July 11 2018 Starting on 11 July 2018, owners and operators of Australia’s critical infrastructure assets have 6 months to report current ownership and operating…

Jonathan Mitchell