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What does an effective anti-bribery and corruption programme require?

China - November 18 2013 Much has been written on bribery and corruption in China, including the differences between criminal bribery and commercial bribery, and of course…

Monique Carroll, Zhu Yuanyuan

Internal compliance audits – the why and how?

China - November 4 2013 The 'why' Due to the sensitivity of commercial bribery, corporations can be reluctant to instigate internal anti-commercial bribery investigations as…

Monique Carroll, Yang Jianyuan, Zhu Yuanyuan

The Haifu Case review –interpreting the Supreme People’s Court’s retrial judgment and it’s implications for PE investors

China - December 28 2012 The Haifu Case is the first case in China where a court has denied the validity of an agreement containing a valuation adjustment mechanism ("VAM…

Xia Dongxia, Zhou Wei, Qian Yaozhi