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Consumer Data Right In Energy - Are You Ready?

Australia - September 6 2019 The Consumer Data Right (CDR) is coming to the energy industry. When it arrives, it has the power to fundamentally change the way the energy industry…

Kendra Fouracre, Kai Nash

The Future of Privacy

Global - August 30 2018 It seems like privacy is being talked about everywhere these days - in the media, in new legislation and in the boardroom. And as the data that is…

Charles Davies, Cheng Lim, Cal Samson

COAG is driving a data strategy for the energy industry - are you ready?

Australia - August 16 2018 Every day, Australian residents, utilities, government agencies and innovative start-ups generate and collect energy data. The Energy Security Board…

Vishal Ahuja, Scott Gardiner, Michael Swinson

Decrypting crypto? ASIC and the ATO provide further guidance on crypto compliance

Australia - May 4 2018 Australian regulators have released several key announcements this week in an effort to help provide additional clarity in relation to initial coin…

Hannah Glass, Sarah Hickey, Sam Hoppe, Marina Lauer, Akash Mehta

A new era for open data in Australia: the Government responds to the Productivity Commission

Australia - May 2 2018 This week the Australian Government issued its long-awaited response to the Productivity Commission's Data Availability and Use Inquiry. The response…

Prudence Buckland, Patrick Gunning