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Lights on for the CDR in the energy sector

Australia - August 25 2021 Over a year after the formal expansion of the Consumer Data Right (CDR) to the energy sector, Treasury has now released draft amendments to the CDR…

Bryony Evans, Cheng Lim

5G snapshot series: Spectrum

Australia - November 19 2020 THE PRIME MINISTER SCOTT MORRISON HAS HERALDED 5G AS "the next evolution of mobile technology. It promises the ability to improve the daily lives of…

Jonathan Beh, Neil Carabine, Kate Creighton-Selvay, Renae Lattey, Rachael Lewis, Cheng Lim, Jake Robson, Wang Rui, Michael Swinson

AI Guides | Facial Recognition

Australia - April 27 2020 Although facial recognition technology has been around in various forms for decades - the last few years have been marked by the rapid evolution of…

Rebecca Slater, John Swinson

AI Guides | AI & Automated Decision Making

European Union, USA - April 9 2020 Automated decision making is not a new phenomenon in Australia. Computer programs in various forms have been used to augment and to automate…

Rebecca Slater, John Swinson

AI Guides | AI & Privacy

Australia - March 27 2020 As AI becomes more popular, organisations are increasingly being forced to ask themselves how best to balance AI innovation with privacy law…

Rebecca Slater, John Swinson