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Common law duty of care not inconsistent with public authority’s statutory functions: Western Power partly liable for Parkerville bushfire

Australia - July 6 2021 Western Australia's Court of Appeal has found the Electricity Networks Corporation (trading as Western Power) liable in negligence in relation to…

Kione Johnson

Winter is coming: Class action battles surge to new record

Australia - May 24 2021 Setting a new record, at least 60 class actions were filed in Australia between 1 July 2020 and 30 April 2021. With two months to go in the review…

Alexander Morris, Moira Saville, Peta Stevenson

The High Court confirms high bar for materiality

Australia - May 21 2021 In MZAPC v Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, the High Court dismissed an appeal from the Federal Court of Australia concerning the…

Emma Costello, Matthew Swinn

Appeal in Ethicon pelvic mesh class action - what risks need to be disclosed?

Australia - March 9 2021 In a unanimous decision, the Full Court of the Federal Court upheld a decision of Justice Katzmann that found Ethicon Sàrl and related companies…

Suzy Madar, Moira Saville, Peta Stevenson, Matthew Swinn

Need to know: actual knowledge key to invoking whistleblower protections

Australia - March 4 2021 Australian whistleblower protections now apply to disclosers who have ‘reasonable grounds to suspect’ that the information disclosed concerns…

Rebecca Holland, Kione Johnson