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The challenges (and terrors) of long-term brand licensing deals

Australia - March 16 2021 Structuring and negotiating a long term brand licensing deal is always challenging, even terrifying. The brand owner wants to get maximum value out of…

Scott Bouvier, Kate Creighton-Selvay, Nicole Heller, Cate Nagy

Thoughtless comments and far-reaching consequences: the ‘sad reality’ of social media defamation

Australia - December 14 2020 Is it a good idea to sue for defamation if there is a post on social media that you do not like? A recent legal action is a warning to using the…

Priscilla Lal, Cate Nagy

Patent rights on sale: High Court adopts doctrine of exhaustion of rights on first sale

Australia - November 13 2020 The High Court of Australia has ruled on and concluded a long-running dispute between Seiko-Epson and Calidad in relation to print cartridges, setting…

Sarah-Jane Frydman, Luke Hawthorne, Kim O'Connell

Not so happy camper: reputational damage to brands online

Australia - November 13 2020 Many businesses find themselves the subject of unfounded claims online particularly via social media, false reviews and complaints websites. Claims…

Priscilla Lal, Morgan Lynch, Kai Nash

Privacy reform across the ditch: New Zealand Privacy Act commencing soon

Australia, New Zealand - November 9 2020 We are now less than a month away from a new privacy law in New Zealand. The Privacy Act 2020 (NZ) (the NZ Privacy Act), which commences on 1 December…

Katherine Forrest, Patrick Gunning