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Did Australia’s liberal approach to naming political parties backfire?!

Australia - September 16 2013 As the dust settles on last Saturday's Federal Election, one of the more interesting outcomes to emerge is the likely election of six new Senators…

Lessons for IP commercialisation from the LESANZ Annual Conference 2019

Australia, Global - May 28 2019 The Licensing Executives Society Australia & New Zealand held its annual conference in Brisbane this month. The three-day event was a fantastic…

Scott Bouvier, Karen Litherland

Oh what a feeling! Jetstar disputes Toyota’s rights to register jumping trade marks

Australia - September 19 2012 It appears that Toyota may have got the jump on Jetstar by filing a series of trade mark applications to protect its well-known "Oh, what a feeling!" jump which has been used by the car maker since the 1980s to promote its vehicles.

Just genes? Lessons from the Myriad litigation

Australia - August 19 2013 Last month the United States Supreme Court ruled that certain naturally occurring DNA sequences (the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes, mutations in which are…

Gene editing and genetic engineering techniques

Australia - June 7 2018 New genome editing techniques, such as CRISPR/Cas9, have made editing genomic material cheap, efficient and accessible. These new techniques have…