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Indonesia’s Harmonized Tax Law - A new tax regime for a modern world

Indonesia - October 25 2021 Indonesia’s parliament has introduced a new “omnibus” law - known as the Harmonized Tax Law. The Harmonized Tax Law makes a number of amendments to…

Sam Farrands, Olivia Freeman, Amanda Lees, Azlan Mohamed Noh, Greg Protektor, Lv Yinghao

The dawn of the SGX SPAC: Singapore Exchange becomes the first major Asian exchange to offer SPAC listings

Singapore - September 3 2021 The Singapore Exchange (SGX) has just announced new rules that will enable Special Acquisition Companies (SPAC) listings, effective 3 September 2021…

Nick Davies, Laura Luo

M&A in the City

Australia - February 25 2021 2020 was unquestionably 'a year like no other'. Necessity certainly had us thinking creatively about how we do business. While we're happy to move on…

Evie Bruce, Nicola Charlston, Caroline Coops, Intan Eow, David Friedlander, Will Heath, Sharon Henrick, Nigel Hunt, Tim Klineberg, Michael Lawson, Paul Schroder, Mark Vanderneut

5G snapshot series: Spectrum

Australia - November 19 2020 THE PRIME MINISTER SCOTT MORRISON HAS HERALDED 5G AS "the next evolution of mobile technology. It promises the ability to improve the daily lives of…

Jonathan Beh, Neil Carabine, Kate Creighton-Selvay, Kendra Fouracre, Renae Lattey, Rachael Lewis, Cheng Lim, Wang Rui, Michael Swinson

Improved trade deal between Japan and ASEAN

China, Japan - October 21 2020 According to data from the Japanese Finance Ministry, ASEAN as a whole was Japan’s third-largest trade partner after China and the United States in…

Patric McGonigal, Yoshiki Tsurumaki, Ryunosuke Ushijima