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Post-Brexit Employment Law: Brave New World or Business As Usual?

European Union, United Kingdom - July 12 2016 Right now, predicting UK politics could be fairly described as a mug's game. As we navigate through uncharted waters, our likely destination seems to…

Carl Richards

Brexit: What Will Happen to Current EU Migrants?

European Union, United Kingdom - July 12 2016 While all of us may be pondering what the impact of Brexit will be on our jobs, our family and our children, there is one group for whom the question…

Carl Richards

Raising the secrecy stakes: new sanctions for employee data theft

United Kingdom - June 15 2016 There have been a couple of cheering recent developments for employers whose staff walk out the door with confidential information. Traditional legal…

Use Your Discretion: what are employer's duties in making discretionary decisions?

United Kingdom - May 6 2016 Many of the decisions that an employer makes about its staff involve exercising discretion, to some extent or other. Obvious examples include making…