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Senior management accountability: diverging paths across Europe

European Union, United Kingdom - December 2 2016 The private equity and venture capital industry has had to adapt to a changing regulatory landscape over the past few years, and for UK regulated…

Barbara Geck, Tamasin Little

Equal Pay - can store workers compare themselves with depot staff for equal pay?

United Kingdom - November 9 2016 On the facts of Brierley and others v. Asda Stores Ltd, the Employment Tribunal (“ET”) has decided - as a preliminary issue - that they could. The ET…

Gina Unterhalter

Uber taxi drivers are “workers”, not self-employed contractors

United Kingdom - November 8 2016 Uber's business model could be under threat after a recent employment tribunal ruled that its drivers are "workers" not self-employed. Such worker…

Sarah-Jane Van Den Bergh

The discretionary disappearing trick: when bonus clauses are not what they seem

United Kingdom - November 8 2016 Bonus discretion, or the lack of it, has been under judicial scrutiny again this month in the Court of Appeal decision of Brogden v Investec. The case…

Cerys Williams

The Disability Gap: government consults on employers' role in keeping disabled people at work

United Kingdom - November 8 2016 The Department for Work and Pensions has launched a consultation and Green Paper on closing "the disability gap": the statistic that fewer than half…

Tamsin Rickard