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IP Protection in the Artemis Era: Will Rights be Lost in Space?

Canada - September 28 2022 One clear objective of NASA’s Artemis missions is to bring about a permanent presence on the Moon that will include commercial and industrial…

Jean-Phililppe Mikus

New Labelling Requirements for Natural Health Products

Canada - August 16 2022 Amendments to the Natural Health Products Regulations will implement new labelling requirements for natural health products (“NHPs”), including a…

Dara Jospé, Ingrid E. VanderElst, Mark Vanderveken

Sweet or Savory? Expect new front-of-package nutrition labelling for certain foods

Canada - July 20 2022 Sugar, sodium and saturated fats are in Health Canada’s crosshairs, as the Minister of Health announced new food labelling requirements set to come…

Dara Jospé, Ingrid E. VanderElst, Mark Vanderveken

Canada finally reduces its clinical trial records retention period to align with international standards

Canada - March 10 2022 As of February 11, 2022, the retention period for records of clinical trials of drugs and natural health products has been reduced from 25 years to…

Jean-Raphaël Champagne

Le Canada réduit enfin sa période de conservation des registres d’essais cliniques afin de s’harmoniser avec les normes internationales

Canada - March 9 2022 Depuis le 11 février 2022, la période de conservation des registres d'essais cliniques de médicaments et de produits de santé naturels a été réduite…

Jean-Raphaël Champagne