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First Landmark Decision by the Supreme Court of Canada on the Concept of Disguised Expropriation under Quebec Law

Canada - July 30 2018 The duty to act within a reasonable time to contest the validity of a municipal by-law due to disguised expropriation was the issue under debate in…

Nikolas Blanchette, Nicolas-Karl Perrault

“Buy now; pay later”: Leon’s Furniture ordered to pay moral and punitive damages

Canada - August 28 2017 In June 2012, Option Consommateur was authorized by the Superior Court to institute a class action on behalf of any person having purchased goods or…

Noah Boudreau, Camille Duguay

Automatic renewal clauses: perpetual effect and validity; the Supreme Court of Canada decides

Canada - August 2 2017 The Supreme Court of Canada has put an end to the judicial saga in Uniprix and confirmed the legality of a clause providing for the automatic renewal…

Frédéric P. Gilbert, Nikolas Blanchette

The Supreme Court of Canada rules on the personal liability of directors in the context of the oppression remedy.

Canada - July 17 2017 The Supreme Court of Canada rendered a decision in Wilson v. Alharayeri, in which it discusses situations that could lead to the personal liability…

Mathieu Leblanc-Gagnon, Vincent Cérat Lagana

Characterization of a contract relating to a resort hotel project involving a rental pool: lease or contract for services?

Canada - July 7 2017 In the recent decision in Station Mont-Tremblant v. Banville-Joncas, the Court of Appeal was asked to characterize a contract between the developer…

Nikolas Blanchette, Nicolas-Karl Perrault