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Federal Court Invalidates IQ Trademark for Lack of Distinctiveness: Lessons for Trademark Owners and Trademark Challengers

Canada - January 24 2023 Gentec v Nuheara is one of the rare high-stakes Canadian trademark cases to both make it to trial and to invalidate a registered trademark for lack…

Eliane Ellbogen, Jean-Phililppe Mikus, Michael Shortt

Labeling, Packaging, and Trademarks: English or French?

Canada - June 30 2021 Various legal instruments govern product packaging and labelling at both the federal and provincial levels. These laws and regulations meet various…

Eliane Ellbogen

From Personal Information to Trade Secrets: Welcome to the Accelerated Digital Age!

Canada - January 14 2021 The handling of personal information and its protection are increasingly at the forefront of legislative concerns in Canada. And with potential fines…

Eliane Ellbogen, Vanessa Henri

Trademark Considerations During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Canada - April 14 2020 Much of our daily lives has changed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and some of these changes are likely to be enduring. Some of us take great…

Stacey Smydo

The Equustek Case: Just Couldn’t Land The Big Fish

Canada - April 5 2018 Canadian technology company Equustek was facing massive piracy of its flagship product by a an ex-distributor that stole its trade secrets, copied its…