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Fasken’s forecast for 2022 and beyond: 2021’s top 10 Trends in Canadian competition, marketing & foreign investment law and what businesses should expect in 2022

Canada - January 13 2022 Competition, marketing and foreign investment law saw a number of changes in the past year. Many of these changes were in response to the continuing…

Rachel Wong, Anthony F. Baldanza, Huy Do, Tony Di Domenico, Andrew House, Chris Margison, Douglas C. New, Justine Reisler, Robin Spillette

In review: space law, regulation and policy in Canada

Canada - December 9 2021 A general introduction to the legal, regulatory and policy framework governing the space sector in Canada.

A Snap Federal Election Campaign and the CRTC’s Voter Contact Registry: Organizations Must Register and Comply or Face Sanction

Canada - August 12 2021 Canadian political parties appear poised for a snap Federal Election in 2021. Regardless of how you define a “snap” election, organizations that…

Paul Burbank

CRTC Mandates Implementation of STIR/SHAKEN by all Telecommunications Service Providers

Canada - July 28 2021 In a decision issued in April of this year, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (“CRTC”) required all telecommunications…

Federal Court Decision Clarifies Scope of Competition Act Conspiracy Provisions

Canada - July 20 2021 The recent Kobe Mohr v. National Hockey League[1] decision of the Federal Court (the “Decision”) provides important jurisprudential guidance on the…