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Seven areas the Canada Revenue Agency is scrutinizing

Canada - June 24 2021 The 2021 Federal Budget devoted an additional $304.1 million to the CRA to help it combat tax evasion and aggressive tax avoidance. The federal…

Nicolas Simard

Cameco Corporation Wins Monumental Sham / Transfer Pricing Tax Case

Canada - October 2 2018 The Tax Court of Canada has ruled in favour of Cameco in its massive tax dispute with the Minister of National Revenue. The Court held that the…

CRA Can Examine Items Seized During Criminal Investigation Before Validity of Search Warrant Confirmed

Canada - April 25 2018 The Canada Revenue Agency (“CRA”) can examine and make copies of items seized by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (“RCMP”) pursuant to search…

Anastasia Reklitis

Panama Papers: CRA getting tougher on tax evasion

Canada - August 2 2017 We are beginning to see the legal enforcement fallout from the now infamous Panama Papers. Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) concerted efforts to find…

Anastasia Reklitis

Tax Court: arrears interest after GAAR assessment accrue from the taxpayer’s balance-due day

Canada - October 31 2016 In Quinco Financial Inc. v. R. (2016 TCC 190), the Minister of National Revenue had assessed Quinco under section 245 (the "GAAR") of the Income Tax…