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2020 In Review: Notable Indigenous Rights Litigation

Canada - January 26 2021 As the law relating to Indigenous peoples, and the application of that law, evolves so does the nature and type of Indigenous rights litigation. This…

Shelby Boehm, Bridget Gilbride, Madison Grist, Tracy A. Pratt

Human Rights is the New Business Risk

Canada, Global, OECD - September 20 2016 Operating abroad, outsourcing services or relying on supplies from abroad but don't have a robust human rights policy yet? Here is why you should…

Kevin O'Callaghan

The New Federal Impact Assessment Act

Canada - August 28 2019 On August 28 and 29, 2019, the Impact Assessment Act (“IAA”) will come into force, along with a new set of Regulations…

Kai Alderson, Bridget Gilbride, Stephanie Sanger

Change is the Only Constant: Navigating the Energy Transition and Commitments to “Build Back Better”

Canada, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, United Kingdom, USA - October 19 2020 COVID-19, plummeting oil prices, economic downturns and a global realization, and desire, that the way in which the world is supplied with, and…

Kai Alderson, Lara Bezuidenhoudt, Jennifer McAleer, Allison Sears, Taleesha Thorogood, Guy Winter

Court rules that members of the Métis community of Domaine-du-Roy and Seigneurie de Mingan have no ancestral rights

Canada - March 26 2015 On February 10, 2015, the Superior Court of Québec (the "Court"), under the pen of the Honourable J. Roger Banford, J.C.S., handed down a…

Delphine Pittet