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Adoption du projet de loi 102 : importante refonte du cadre d’application des lois environnementales

Canada - April 12 2022 Le 5 avril 2022, l’Assemblée Nationale a adopté à l’unanimité le projet de Loi 102, Loi visant principalement à renforcer l’application des lois en…

Marie-Pierre Boudreau, Pierre-Olivier Charlebois, Gaëlle Obadia, Jean-Philippe Therriault

Energy in Transition: Renewable Natural Gas has a Role to Play

Canada - May 3 2021 For Canada to meet its recently announced “Net Zero by 2050” climate commitment, reducing the carbon intensity of natural gas production…

Christopher R. Bystrom, Jean-Philippe Therriault

2020 In Review: Notable Indigenous Rights Litigation

Canada - January 26 2021 As the law relating to Indigenous peoples, and the application of that law, evolves so does the nature and type of Indigenous rights litigation. This…

Shelby Boehm, Bridget Gilbride, Madison Grist, Tracy A. Pratt

Proxy Season Preview 2021: ESG Considerations

USA - January 21 2021 On January 14, 2021, Laurel Hill Advisory Group (“Laurel Hill”) and Fasken hosted a webinar on ESG (environmental, social and governance)…

Stephen Erlichman, Grant McGlaughlin, Gordon Raman, David Salmon

Sauvé par la cloche : l’Accord de continuité commerciale Canada-Royaume-Uni

Canada, European Union, United Kingdom - November 25 2020 Le Gouvernement du Canada a annoncé l’Accord de continuité commerciale Canada-Royaume-Uni (l’« ACC Canada-Royaume-Uni ») le 21 novembre 2020. Cet…

Peter E. Kirby, Clifford Sosnow, Faye Voight