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Art, Technology & the Law : NFTs and Trademark Infringement - Real-World IP Rights in the Virtual Space?

USA - March 1 2023 This year, we are increasingly seeing how real world IP rights can be protected and enforced in the ever-expanding virtual world. Case law…

Rasmeet Mohar, Genevieve Shemie

Federal Court Invalidates IQ Trademark for Lack of Distinctiveness: Lessons for Trademark Owners and Trademark Challengers

Canada - January 24 2023 Gentec v Nuheara is one of the rare high-stakes Canadian trademark cases to both make it to trial and to invalidate a registered trademark for lack…

Jean-Phililppe Mikus, Marek Nitoslawski, Michael Shortt

Bill 96: Major changes affecting trademarks on packaging and signage in Canada

Canada - July 8 2022 Most companies doing business in Canada prefer to use the same branding across all Provinces and Territories, particularly for consumer product…

Jean-Phililppe Mikus

Federal Court Adopts IPIC’s Proposed Test for the Patentability of Computer-Implemented Inventions

Canada - June 27 2022 The Federal Court of Canada’s recent judgment in Benjamin Moore & Co. v. Canada (AG), 2022 FC 923, ordered Canadian patent examiners to apply a new…

Julie Desrosiers, Michael Shortt

La Cour fédérale adopte le cadre d’analyse proposé par l’IPIC en ce qui concerne la brevetabilité des inventions mises en œuvre par ordinateur

Canada - June 27 2022 La récente décision de la Cour fédérale du Canada dans l’affaire Benjamin Moore & Co. c. Canada (Procureur général), 2022 CF 923, impose aux…

Julie Desrosiers, Michael Shortt