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The Quebec Patient Financial Assistance Ban is Here

Canada - March 31 2021 On March 31, 2021 the Government of Quebec published the final Regulation restricting financial assistance to patients (this PDF is only available in…

Jean-Raphaël Champagne, Mathieu Gagné, Dara Jospé

The Québec Private Sector Privacy Act: When does it Apply to Organizations Outside of Québec?

Canada - May 16 2019 The territorial application of Québec’s Act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector (the “Act”) remains to be…

Antoine Guilmain

What’s in a name? New entries in CIPO’s goods and services manual and why they matter for trademark applicants

Canada - June 28 2022 Since Canada’s trademark reform in 2019, the most important elements of a trademark application are: the trademark itself, the identity of the…

Michael Shortt

Québec Court of Appeal Strikes Down Federal Genetic Non-Discrimination Act

Canada - January 24 2019 On May 4, 2017, the Genetic Non-Discrimination Act (Act) received royal assent and came into force, despite the federal Minister of…

Mathieu Gagné, Dara Jospé, Michael Shortt

L’interdiction de fournir de l’aide financière aux patients québécois est arrivée

Canada - March 31 2021 Le 31 mars dernier, le Gouvernement du Québec a publié la version définitive du Règlement sur la restriction de l’aide financière qui peut être…

Jean-Raphaël Champagne, Mathieu Gagné, Dara Jospé