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High Court adopts US-style limitation on patent rights

Australia - November 18 2020 In a landmark ruling that will be relevant to patent owners as well as buyers and users of Patented products in all industries, a narrow majority of…

James Cameron, Alex Dunlop, David Fixler

The future of access regimes for non-vertically integrated monopolies

Australia - October 15 2020 On 24 September 2019, the Treasurer decided to revoke the declaration of the shipping channel service at the Port of Newcastle (Port) in light of…

Jodie Burger, Chloe Mo, Eddie Scuderi

5G investment in Australia: challenges and opportunities in the Australian market

Australia - April 6 2020 The advent of fifth generation mobile technology (5G) is set to create significant challenges and opportunities for stakeholders in the…

Eddie Scuderi