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Tax in the era of transparency: the ATO’s Justified Trust program

Australia - September 15 2022 In this era of transparency, which requires that companies devote ever more attention to environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters, there…

Labor’s 2022 tax reform agenda

Australia - June 3 2022 The Australian Labor Party recently claimed victory in the Australian Federal Election, with Anthony Albanese sworn in as the new Australian Prime…

Jennee Chan, Simon Mifsud, Mark Payne, Cameron Rider, Hugh Riisfeldt

Chevron: The Wash Up

Australia - September 5 2017 In this article, which first appeared in the Taxand Weekly, we examine the long-running dispute between Chevron and the Australian Commissioner of…

Mark Payne

5 key actions your business can take to manage data breach risk

Australia - December 8 2015 Data breach incidents are an unfortunate reality of 21st century life. A recent study of data breach incidents in Australia found that, on average, a…

The infrastructure deficit – is Islamic finance part of the solution to this puzzle?

Australia - June 13 2012 It is clear that there is an “infrastructure deficit” in Australia.