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The WTO Agreement on Government Procurement: a world of opportunity or a threat to local business?

Australia, Global - August 25 2015 The Australian Government’s accession negotiations to the WTO Agreement on Government Procurement (GPA) seem to have fallen under the radar. This is…

Viva Paxton

The Drone Age: not even the sky is the limit for this changing regulatory landscape

Australia - February 23 2017 Name an industry - any industry - and it's safe to say drones are operating in it.

Unchartered Territory: Trade with Iran may be an Economic Goldmine

Australia, Global, Iran - October 18 2016 It’s been a busy month for Iran with a number of inroads being made into one of the world’s largest untapped markets. The US has stated legitimate…

Alan Churley, Eddie Scuderi, David Yates

Mining, agriculture and construction equipment: a new UNIDROIT financing regime is coming

Australia, Global - November 5 2018 UNIDROIT is finalising the MAC Protocol, which will establish an international legal framework for financing mining, agriculture and construction…

Andrew Chew

Opportunities hiding amongst the issues in youth detention

Australia - December 20 2016 As the needs in the youth justice space rapidly evolve, opportunities for service delivery abound. Amidst a series of emerging accounts of…

Helen Clarke, Viva Paxton