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Is cyber security the greatest threat for autonomous vehicles?

Australia, USA - August 10 2018 In our first article of this series, we explored the types of personal information that will be collected from autonomous vehicles and the need for…

Helen Clarke, David Warren

Moving people in the age of autonomous vehicles: climate boon or bane?

Australia - July 6 2018 Transport is estimated to contribute to a fifth of Australia’s greenhouse emissions and after energy production, is the key contributor.

Helen Clarke, Rebecca Field, David Warren

No longer flying under the radar: the future of drone regulation

USA - May 16 2018 Drone technology provides a number of opportunities for many industries, however it poses risks to many others. Aviation is concerned about the risk…

Viva Paxton, Eddie Scuderi

All roads lead to the internet: privacy in the age of autonomous vehicles

USA - May 15 2018 We are on the brink of the next mobility revolution. Not since the combustion engine car ended the era of horse and cart has there been such a…

Helen Clarke, Viva Paxton, David Warren

Correctional services in Australia: year in review and 2018 outlook

Australia - January 31 2018 Correctional services attracts media headlines, political scrutiny and fierce debate across the nation. With 112 custodial facilities holding over 41…

Viva Paxton, Eddie Scuderi