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Termination for convenience: when and is it free?

Australia - October 21 2021 Termination for convenience clauses have drawn recent media attention given the Commonwealth’s recent decision to terminate the Future Submarine…

Lydia Cowan-Dillion

Australian defence procurement: The Department of Defence announces a review to simplify contracts, streamline procurement and improve access for SMEs

Australia - January 27 2021 On 4 December 2020, the Minister for Defence Industry released the Terms of Reference for a comprehensive review of the Australian Standard for…

Tom Mathews

Budgeting for Australia’s defence in a global pandemic

Australia - October 22 2020 COVID-19 may be Australia’s ‘new and invisible enemy’, but other threats to national security have by no means gone away. The 2020-21 Federal Budget…

Chloe Mo, Emily Ryan

The future of access regimes for non-vertically integrated monopolies

Australia - October 15 2020 On 24 September 2019, the Treasurer decided to revoke the declaration of the shipping channel service at the Port of Newcastle (Port) in light of…

Ross Allen, Chloe Mo, Eddie Scuderi

When good cars turn bad: who should pay for loss and injury caused by autonomous vehicles?

Australia - November 27 2019 Although the technology is still in its infancy, autonomous vehicles may set the wheels in motion for a mobility revolution and pave the road to…

Chloe Mo