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State of the Art: Key Australian IP developments

Australia - July 21 2021 2021 has already been a significant year for IP in Australia - with the innovation patent system coming to an end in August, the Federal Budget…

Jürgen Bebber, Philip Catania, Arvind Dixit, Grant Fisher, David Fixler, Odette Gourley, Eugenia Kolivos, Stephen Stern, Frances Wheelahan, David Yates

The future of access regimes for non-vertically integrated monopolies

Australia - October 15 2020 On 24 September 2019, the Treasurer decided to revoke the declaration of the shipping channel service at the Port of Newcastle (Port) in light of…

Ross Allen, Jodie Burger, Chloe Mo

5G investment in Australia: challenges and opportunities in the Australian market

Australia - April 6 2020 The advent of fifth generation mobile technology (5G) is set to create significant challenges and opportunities for stakeholders in the…

Ross Allen

ACCC pushes for ‘general safety provision’ by end of 2019

Australia - September 9 2019 The ACCC wants a ‘general safety provision’ introduced into the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) by the end of 2019. Such a provision would impose an…

James Cameron, Mark McCowan

Why waste service procurement is becoming more complex, and what to do about it

Australia - August 22 2019 The introduction of the Queensland Waste Levy and Container Refund Scheme has had a significant continuing impact on local government waste…

James Cameron