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Australian Government ramps up climate reforms: Safeguard Mechanism overhaul begins with new carbon credits

Australia - November 28 2022 In keeping with significant recent reforms to national climate law and policy, the Australian Government has released an exposure draft of the…

Michael MacGinley, Rory McFadden

New carbon credits Code of Practice suggests more robust standards for voluntary markets

Australia - August 25 2022 Increasingly, corporations are under pressure to set public targets for the net reduction of carbon produced by their operations. Meeting these…

Michael MacGinley, Rory McFadden

Australian Carbon Credit Units: an untapped financial product and asset

Australia - May 4 2022 A key tool for Australia’s carbon emission reduction efforts, Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) have come under increased focus for their value…

Clare Corke, Ken Li, Julie Myers

Australian gas sector update: federal investment to address increasing insecurity in global markets

Australia - April 21 2022 The Australian Government recently announced as part of the 2022-23 Federal Budget that it will invest $50.3 million towards seven domestic gas…

Paul Careless, Michael MacGinley, Rory McFadden

National Electricity Market update: the generation revolution continues

Australia - March 31 2022 As the generation upheaval within the National Electricity Market (NEM) presses on, the early exit of thermal generation along the East Coast is…

Michael MacGinley, Rory McFadden