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Shake-up of the PNG electricity supply industry

Australia - May 31 2021 The National Parliament recently passed the National Energy Authority Act 2020 (Act) and the Electricity Industry (Amendment) Act 2020 which will…

Lisa Kudada, Vaughan Mills

Funding critical mineral and rare earth projects in Australia

Australia - March 15 2021 As demand for critical minerals and rare earths soars due to their importance to future facing Technologies and 2050 net zero pledges, 2021 is poised…

Clare Corke, Cameron Busch, Matthew Butchard, Ken Li

Australia’s critical minerals sector is open for foreign investment but early and constructive engagement with FIRB is essential

Australia - May 13 2020 In the past six months the Commonwealth Government has made it clear that the development of the critical minerals sector in Australia, including…

Jeremy Horwood, Cameron Busch, Michael MacGinley, Alexander Tod

Mining Sector Update - Australia and Papua New Guinea: May Edition

Australia - May 10 2019 ASX listed Newcrest Mining Limited has announced that it has entered into an agreement with Canadian miner Imperial Metals Corporation to acquire a…

Jeremy Horwood, Bruce Adkins, Josephine Allan, Jodie Burger, Andrew Chew, Helen Clarke, Sarah Clouston, Virginia Holdenson, Nicholas O’Sullivan, Henry Prokuda, Emily Ryan