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Watch On-Demand - Managing Investigations Video Series: Privilege

United Kingdom - April 14 2021 In this extended video, we discuss the complex issue of Privilege, including guidance on protecting privilege and sharing documents with third…

Elisabeth Bremner, Eoin O'Shea, Omar Qureshi

Watch On-Demand - Managing Investigations Video Series: Witness Interviews

United Kingdom - March 24 2021 In this video, our team provides guidance on managing Witness Interviews to maximise the usefulness of the process, whilst also protecting your…

Elisabeth Bremner, Omar Qureshi

Watch On-Demand - Managing Investigations Video Series: The first 24 Hours

United Kingdom, USA - March 11 2021 With increased internal reporting of concerns within businesses and with complex regulatory, criminal and HR investigations becoming more commonplace…

Alison McHaffie, Eoin O'Shea, Omar Qureshi

Working remotely - can employees work overseas?

Global, OECD, United Kingdom - August 20 2020 Since the global pandemic took hold earlier this year, many office based employees have been working remotely. For the vast majority of staff this…

Andrew Quayle

How can employers protect their BAME employees following evidence about the disproportionate impact from COVID-19?

United Kingdom - July 20 2020 People of black and Asian ethnic origin are at a significantly higher risk of catching and Dying from COVID-19 than other ethnic groups, with…

Rebecca Hayes