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New Police Powers to deal with Trespassers & Protestors

United Kingdom - July 7 2022 From 28 June 2022, the police in England and Wales have new powers to deal with trespassers and protestors under the Police, Crime, Sentencing and…

Valerie Allan, Sarah Moore, Emma Pinkerton, Mia Spedding

Home Office announces criminal liability for unauthorised travellers who camp on public and private land

United Kingdom - January 22 2021 Currently, most cases of trespass are dealt with as civil matters. Only ‘aggravated trespass’ can lead to arrest, and this often proves difficult to…

Mia Spedding

Temporary moratorium: Government stops forfeiture of business leases

United Kingdom - March 24 2020 In an attempt to help business tenants who cannot pay their rent, the Government has ordered a moratorium on forfeiture of business leases, until 30…

Danielle Drummond-Brassington, Sarah Moore

COVID-19: A Real Estate Q&A Tenant Perspective

United Kingdom - March 20 2020 1.1 Save for any express wording in the tenant's lease allowing the tenant to close its store and suspend rent in the event of an outbreak of…

Danielle Drummond-Brassington, Ben Rayner, Stephen Scott

Coronavirus - key considerations for Landlords and Tenants in England

United Kingdom - March 5 2020 The ongoing global COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak is dominating global headlines, creating concern and ambiguity for many, including landlords and…

Ben Rayner