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Demurrage revisited: What loss does it liquidate?

Global, United Kingdom - December 3 2021 In K Line PTE Ltd v Priminds Shipping (HK) Co Ltd (“Eternal Bliss”) [2021] EWCA Civ 1712, the Court of Appeal has revisited the Commercial Court…

Eleanor Lane, Ted Rhodes, David Rutherford

CMS Annual Review of developments in English oil and gas law

United Kingdom - October 6 2021 Welcome to the 2021 edition of the CMS Annual Review of developments in English oil and gas law, featuring commentary and analysis on the latest…

Julia Czaplinska-Pakowska, Anna Rose, Alexandra Smith

Oil & Gas - You reject if you want to, the Product is not for rejection!

Global, United Kingdom - August 3 2021 The Commercial Court has decided that a Buyer under the BP General Terms and Conditions for Sales and Purchases of Crude Oil and Petroleum Products…

Marc Rathbone, Ted Rhodes, David Rutherford

Oil & Gas: Give me my money back!

United Kingdom - July 19 2021 What happens when a seller terminates an oil sale agreement for buyer default after the buyer has made payment, but before lifting? Is the buyer…

Valerie Allan

Hurricane Energy - Court declines to sanction Restructuring Plan

United Kingdom - June 30 2021 The Court declined to approve the cross-class cram down of Hurricane’s shareholders as part of the Part 26A restructuring plan because the available…

Siân Aitken, Emma Riddle