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Allowing unconnected analysts to participate in the IPO process: AFME / Euro IRP publishes guidance

European Union - October 2 2018 AFME and the European Association for Independent Research Providers (Euro IRP) have published guidance on how unconnected analysts can participate in…

Alasdair Steele

UK Corporate Governance Code 2018: Practical Implications

United Kingdom - August 29 2018 In July 2018 the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) released the 2018 edition of the UK Corporate Governance Code. The new Code is described as…

Kristy Duane, Angela Johnston, Alasdair Steele

Corporate governance statements for AIM companies: 28 September deadline

United Kingdom - July 9 2018 By 28 September 2018 all AIM companies will need to have posted on the Rule 26 section of their website details of which corporate governance code…

Helen Johnson, Jack Shepherd, Alasdair Steele

Changes to the Listing Rules to accommodate sovereign-controlled companies

United Kingdom - June 18 2018 Companies that are controlled by a sovereign state will be given a new dedicated category of premium listing and will not have to comply with two…

Gary Green, Alasdair Steele

Takeover Code amendments to increase target and employee protections

United Kingdom - December 21 2017 Under changes to the Takeover Code that will take effect on 8 January 2018, a party making a takeover offer will have to provide more information…

Gary Green, James Parkes, Alasdair Steele