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New Amendment to the Pharmaceuticals Act in the Czech Republic

Czech Republic - February 28 2017 A new amendment to the Pharmaceuticals Act was signed by the Czech President on 14 February 2017 (“Amendment”). Under the Amendment, distributors…

Tomáš Matejovský

Czech Republic: renewable electricity prices for 2014

Czech Republic - December 4 2013 On 27 November 2013 the Energy Regulatory Office published the price Decree No. 4/2013, which sets out the feed in tariff and green bonuses…

Radim Kotlaba

Czech Republic proposes new rules on advertising medical devices

Czech Republic, European Union - September 14 2020 The Czech Advertisement Act is currently undergoing some legislative changes. An amendment thereto has been included in a larger legislative package…

Tomáš Matejovský

Changes to the Czech Public Health Insurance Act

Czech Republic - February 2 2022 In September 2021, the Czech Parliament adopted a long-awaited, extensive amendment to the Public Health Insurance Act (the Amendment, the Act)…

Tomáš Matejovský

Czech Republic to Establish Register of Ultimate Beneficial Owners of Companies in 2018

Czech Republic - May 26 2016 Companies registered in the Czech Commercial Register will soon be required to disclose the identity of their ultimate beneficial owners (“UBO”)…

Lukáš Janícek, Pavel Kocian