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ESG: Ten steps to success for construction companies

United Kingdom - November 24 2021 ESG has become a hot topic for business. It is often discussed in the context of financial institutions and lenders. However…

Emma Schaafsma (Kratochvilova), Shona Frame

Reimagining Transport: Hydrogen Trains

European Union, United Kingdom - August 31 2021 In the first in our Reimagining Transport series, we look at the potential for hydrogen powered trains to become a part of the rail network’s move to…

Dalia Majumder-Russell, Martin Wodraschke

Scottish time bar: Scottish appeal court re-affirms the “harsh” rule

United Kingdom - July 30 2021 There has been an important decision on time bar from the Inner House, the Scottish appeal court, which resolves conflicting lines of authorities on…

Joanna Clark, Mark Kirke, Harriet Munro

Jurisdiction in claims for unpaid tuition: Guidance from the Scottish Courts

European Union, United Kingdom - April 21 2021 The Scottish Courts have recently considered whether a distance learning student at a Scottish University was a “consumer” for the purposes of…

Joanna Clark, Graeme MacLeod

Welcome clarification in a recent Scottish time bar decision: Glasgow City Council v VFS Financial Services Ltd & others

European Union, United Kingdom - December 7 2020 A recent decision in a competition law case before the Scottish Court of Session has added some welcome clarity as to how time bar operates in…

Joanna Clark, Mark Kirke