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Serial adjudications: the debate over binding force goes on

United Kingdom - January 23 2023 A recent TCC decision has considered whether an adjudicator was bound by findings made by a previous adjudicator as to the existence of Relevant…

Aidan Steensma

Concurrent delay: TCC decision marks a broader approach

United Kingdom - October 21 2022 A TCC decision published this week has upheld an extension of time claim under the JCT form based on a finding of concurrent delay. Such findings…

Aidan Steensma

Do unenforceable liquidated damages provisions operate as a cap on general damages for delay?

United Kingdom - August 17 2022 A recent TCC decision is the second in the space of a year to consider whether liquidated damages provisions which are held to be unenforceable may…

Jack Deung, Aidan Steensma

Court of Appeal solves collateral warranty adjudication riddle

United Kingdom - June 27 2022 A Court of Appeal decision last week has overturned a TCC decision concerning the right to adjudicate under collateral warranties. The Court’s…

Christopher Hallam, Lauren Ryan, Aidan Steensma

Building Safety Act 2022: a shift in the liability landscape

United Kingdom - June 1 2022 The recently enacted Building Safety Act 2022 (the “Act”) makes profound changes to the liability landscape in the UK construction industry. A number…

Catherine Gelder, Frances Gordon-Weeks, Aidan Steensma