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Oil & Gas: No damages awarded for breach of capacity obligation in take or pay arrangement

United Kingdom - March 9 2021 In British Gas Trading Limited v Shell UK Limited & Anor [2020] EWCA Civ 2349, the Court of Appeal considered the 'ramp down' provisions of two 'take…

Phillip S. Ashley, David Rutherford, Madeleine Young

Oil & Gas: Protecting your position in a falling market

United Kingdom - March 10 2020 With the headlines on the Front Page of yesterday’s Financial Times predicting an “oil price war” and Brent diving to US$31/bbl at just after 4am UK…

Phillip S. Ashley, Emma Riddle, Randall Walker, Norman Wisely

Oil and Gas M&A: No unfair prejudice to reduce sale price

United Kingdom - March 6 2020 In Albion Energy Ltd v Energy Investments Global BRL [2020] EWHC 301 (Comm) the Commercial Court refused to allow the buyer of a remaining minority…

Phillip S. Ashley, Sam Preater, Jonathan Woolf

Coronavirus and Force Majeure

China, Global - February 7 2020 The World Health Organisation Director General’s recent declaration that the global outbreak of the coronavirus is a “public health emergency of…

John Geddes, Marc Rathbone, Alexandra Scott, Randall Walker

Oil & Gas: IOCs allowed to own 100% of oil and gas drilling activities in Bahrain

Bahrain - June 28 2019 In the latest of a series of moves designed to incentivise and facilitate current and future foreign investment by oil and gas companies, the…

John Geddes, David Rutherford, Randall Walker