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“Reasonable detail” in notice of a warranty claim does not include facts already known to the recipient

United Kingdom - May 26 2021 The Court of Appeal has held that a notice of a claim under a tax warranty in a sale and purchase agreement (SPA) did not have to include details of…

Liz Williams, David Bridge

Hard to swallow: Breaches of contract do not always lead to recoverable loss

United Kingdom - February 23 2021 In a case arising out of an anti-competition clause in a manufacturing and distribution agreement for a medical compound, the High Court has held…

David Bridge

Injunctions against persons unknown: The importance of valid service

United Kingdom - December 15 2020 On 16 October 2020 Mr Justice Nicklin made a case management order seeking to manage 38 separate claims brought by various local authorities in which…

Valerie Allan, Emma Pinkerton, Stephanie Woods

Exclusion of liability - A warning for disclosed principals

United Kingdom - December 3 2020 The Court of Appeal has considered whether a non-party might be liable under a sale and purchase agreement for claims for breach of warranties. The…

Andrew Wilson

Material Adverse Effect in the time of COVID

United Kingdom - November 30 2020 The High Court has recently considered the interpretation of a Material Adverse Effect clause, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is the…

David Bridge, Shravan Ratakondla