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Breaches of warranty: what is the loss?

United Kingdom - July 13 2022 If an innocent buyer pays over and above the “true value” of a business - even assuming all warranties given by the seller are true - how should the…

Jonathan Gardner

Aircraft frozen: when worldwide freezing orders bite

Global, United Kingdom - June 14 2022 The English court has granted a ‘without notice’ application for a worldwide freezing order preventing the owner of an aircraft from dealing with its…

Zainab Hodgson

Declaring an event of default: termination tips

United Kingdom - April 27 2022 A recent case involving the repossession of an aircraft by a secured lender considered whether a loan agreement had been validly terminated so as to…

Gwen Edwards, Emilija Lazarevic

Privilege: when is it waived and when does litigation privilege apply?

United Kingdom - February 25 2022 The latest case on privilege sets out the options available if the court is not satisfied with an assertion of privilege. In this instance, the High…

Liz Williams

“Reasonable detail” in notice of a warranty claim does not include facts already known to the recipient

United Kingdom - May 26 2021 The Court of Appeal has held that a notice of a claim under a tax warranty in a sale and purchase agreement (SPA) did not have to include details of…

Liz Williams, David Bridge