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Vessel nomination in FOB sales contracts - no second chances?

United Kingdom - June 16 2021 The High Court has upheld a decision of the GAFTA Board of Appeal that an initial invalid vessel nomination by a buyer on FOB terms was not a…

Andrew Horton, David McKie, Steven Wise

Caveat victor - Hong Kong Court rejects late attempt to enforce an arbitral award

Hong Kong - March 29 2019 When the battle’s lost and won (in arbitration), and the victor has a final award, they must turn to enforcement. This involves asking the local…

Steven Wise

Damaged beyond repair? Supreme Court clarifies test for constructive total loss of a ship

United Kingdom - March 7 2019 The Supreme Court has given welcome clarity on the types (and timing) of costs incurred in relation to a damaged ship which may be considered when…

Steven Wise