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EU extends temporary protection for Ukrainian refugees, Czech law pending

Czech Republic, European Union, Ukraine - November 10 2022 In reaction to the missile attacks on Ukraine by Russian troops in October 2022, there has been a dynamic change in immigration laws governing the…

Tomáš Matejovský, Jana Turečková

Czech Republic and Slovakia to transpose EU Directives making employment under agreements easier and introducing paternity leave

Czech Republic, European Union, Slovakia - October 25 2022 At its October session, the Slovak parliament approved amendments to the Labour Code to transpose provisions from European Union directives into the…

Pavol Kundrik, Tomáš Matejovský

Can vaccination be a condition for workplace access in the Czech Republic?

Czech Republic - September 13 2021 As summer holidays end and employees return to offices and workplaces, the Czech Republic is again facing an increase in COVID-19 cases. As a result…

Andrea Drimalova, Tomáš Matejovský, Daniel Szpyrc

Home working - Missing regulation entails risks for employers

Czech Republic - June 29 2021 The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed one of the major deficiencies in Czech employment legislation: the almost non-existent regulation of home working…

Andrea Drimalova, Tomáš Matejovský, Daniel Szpyrc, Jana Turečková

Czech business internal investigations

Czech Republic - May 25 2020 Instead, other laws indirectly but profoundly impact how a Czech company should conduct an in-house inquiry, such as the Labour Code and laws…

Daniel Szpyrc