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Critical Third Parties to the financial services sector discussion paper published

United Kingdom - August 31 2022 Following a recent Law-Now on this topic which focused on HMT’s confirmation that it will legislate to permit financial regulators to directly…

Alan Nelson, Dr Sam De Silva

Gambling Commission publishes advice for operators on improving complaints handling

United Kingdom - August 25 2022 Following a review of 34 operators’ complaints policies, the Gambling Commission (the “Commission”) has published advice and good practice for…

Jessica Wilkinson

UK Government sets out proposals for a new AI Rulebook

European Union, United Kingdom - August 2 2022 On the 18th July 2022, the UK Government published a policy paper titled ‘Establishing a pro-innovation approach to regulating AI’ (the “Paper”)…

Dr Sam De Silva, Barbara Zapisetskaya

Complying with future AI regulations in Europe: capAI

European Union, United Kingdom - July 7 2022 Experts at the Universities of Oxford and Bologna have recently launched capAI, an assessment procedure for AI systems which aims to assess them in…

Dr Sam De Silva, Barbara Zapisetskaya

Government publishes a plan for Digital Health and Social Care

United Kingdom - July 5 2022 The Government have published a Plan for Digital Health and Social Care (the “Plan”) in England that aims to ensure that the NHS is ‘set up to meet…

Hannah Curtis, Sarah Hanson