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EBA reports on adoption of FinTech: What legal issues should you consider when introducing new technologies?

United Kingdom - August 7 2018 The European Banking Authority (“EBA”) recently released a report analysing the key risks and opportunities for seven applications of innovative…

Ian Stevens

Data Protection Act 2018 becomes law

United Kingdom - May 23 2018 Less than two days before the General Data Protection Regulation enters into force on 25 May 2018, the Data Protection Bill (the “Bill”) has passed…

Emma Burnett, Loretta Pugh, Ian Stevens, Elle Todd

"AI in the UK: ready willing and able?" The House of Lords publishes report on the future of AI in the UK

United Kingdom - May 1 2018 The House of Lords Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence (“Lords”) has published a report that puts ethics at the centre of the use and…

Charles Kerrigan, Ian Stevens

UK Government launches Fintech Sector Strategy

United Kingdom - March 29 2018 The Government has released its FinTech Sector Strategy (Strategy), which sets out plans for preserving and increasing the UK’s presence and…

Alan Nelson, Sam Robinson, Ian Stevens

Payments Strategy Forum (Forum) consults on the future of payments systems

United Kingdom - July 20 2016 The Forum has released its draft strategy on the future of payment systems in the UK (Draft Strategy, consultation details here). It proposes various…

Ian Stevens