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A U-turn on the addition of parties to the claim form after issue but prior to service

United Kingdom - February 16 2022 A recent decision in the High Court has departed from the decision in Various Claimants v G4S plc [2021] EWHC 524 (Ch) in respect of amendments to a…

Tim Riordan

The pre-action protocols are under scrutiny, but is reform needed for the pre-action protocol for personal injury?

United Kingdom - November 25 2021 The Civil Justice Council (CJC) has published its Interim Report on our current pre-action protocols (PAPs) and possible improvements. There are…

Carl Dray, Gregor Woods

Part 36.17 indemnity costs recoverable even where damages awarded are nominal

United Kingdom - June 25 2021 In a decision that should remind dispute lawyers of the importance of giving proper consideration to the potentially significant consequences of Part…

Tim Riordan, Chris Wilson