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Bulgaria: destruction of waste tobacco products

Bulgaria - April 3 2014 On 28 March, new rules came into force for disposing of waste tobacco products not suitable for smoking. The key changes are: waste tobacco not…

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Bulgaria: control of high fiscal risk goods and tax relief for individuals

Bulgaria - February 3 2014 Following our Law-now sent on 9 January 2014, the Minister of Finance has now specified the goods with “high fiscal risk” in relation to the…

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Bulgaria: restrictions on the activities of companies registered in tax havens

Bulgaria - January 30 2014 From 1 January 2014, access to public funding and to financial management activities is restricted for companies that are registered in preferential…

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Bulgaria: introduction of controls on the movement of high fiscal risk goods

Bulgaria - January 9 2014 From 1 January 2014, new regime of fiscal control was introduced on the movement of goods with high fiscal risk within Bulgaria. The list of goods to…

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Bulgaria: VAT changes

Bulgaria - November 18 2013 From 1 December 2013, a number of VAT changes will take effect, mainly to implement EU law. These include: •a reverse charge mechanism will…

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