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Escrow arrangements for construction contracts: new standard form released

United Kingdom - June 29 2018 The recent insolvencies in the construction industry are a sharp reminder that "cashflow is the lifeblood of the construction industry" (Lord Denning…

Kathryn Moffett

Funding announced for pioneering new space technologies

United Kingdom - August 12 2022 On 20th July 2022, the UK Government announced £3 million funding to support pioneering new space Technologies. The funding is to be made available…

Jordan Galbraith, Chris Mcgarvey

Accelerating onshore electricity transmission investment: a step forward for low carbon generation

United Kingdom - January 18 2023 Ofgem has published its decision on Accelerating onshore electricity transmission investment (the “Decision”), which follows the consultation in…

Louise Dalton, Dalia Majumder-Russell, Chris Mcgarvey

Offshore Transmission: Is it now too difficult to claim an income adjusting event?

United Kingdom - June 18 2020 On 5 June 2020, Ofgem issued its decision to Gwynt y Mor OFTO plc (the “OFTO”) confirming that it is not awarding an income adjusting event (“IAE”)…

Chris Mcgarvey

The Scottish Government Hydrogen Action Plan

United Kingdom - December 21 2022 The plan (published on 12 December 2022) was created in light of the Scottish Government’s vision for Scotland to become a leading hydrogen nation…

Paula Kidd, Ailsa Ritchie