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Pre-Emption Group issues new Statement of Principles on the disapplication of pre-emption rights

United Kingdom - November 9 2022 On 4 November 2022 the Financial Reporting Council issued, on behalf of the Pre-Emption Group, a new Statement of Principles - Disapplying…

Charles Howarth, Nikita Patel, Alasdair Steele

FCA discussion paper on UK listing regime reforms, including the new single listing segment

United Kingdom - June 7 2022 On 26th May 2022 the FCA published a Discussion Paper (DP 22/2) seeking views on how the UK listing regime could be further reformed in order to make…

Charles Howarth, Yee Rou Quah, Alasdair Steele

UK Prospectus Regime Outcome - 1 March 2022

United Kingdom - March 4 2022 On Tuesday 1st March 2022 the UK Government (through HM Treasury) announced the Review Outcome of its consultation to reform the UK Prospectus Regime…

Charles Howarth, Alasdair Steele