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Czech Labour Code amendment proposed for processing biometric data of employees

Czech Republic, United Kingdom - October 16 2019 The Czech Data Protection Authority has proposed an amendment to the Czech Labour Code that would enhance the ability of employers to process the…

Andrea Cervenková, Jakub Kabat, Tomáš Matejovský

Czech Constitutional Court reaffirms enforceability of non-compete clause

Czech Republic - July 24 2019 Non-compete clauses must be interpreted in line with the highest legal principle of private law - that agreements must be kept. The Czech…

Andrea Cervenková, Jakub Kabat, Tomáš Matejovský

The Czech Data Protection Act finally passed by the Parliament

Czech Republic - April 10 2019 While the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) became directly effective almost a year ago, no Czech Data Protection Act (“DPA”) has been…

Andrea Cervenková, Jakub Kabat, Tomáš Matejovský

Czech Republic: New EU wide standards to protect whistle blowers

Czech Republic, European Union - January 8 2019 As we reported a few months ago (see Law-Now article), a bill on the protection of whistleblowers is currently going through the legislative procedure…

Andrea Cervenková, Tomáš Matejovský