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A global move towards banning employment contract non-compete clauses? Reconsidering business protection options

Global, United Kingdom - March 22 2023 What does the future hold for businesses looking to retain lawfully their market positions and prevent unfair competition from ex-employees…

Hannah Netherton, Aisleen Pugh

ESG: Pay Gap Reporting - a tangible way to show progress under the S

United Kingdom - September 23 2022 In the second of our ESG series looking at employment law and ESG, we explore the role of pay gap reporting as a way of demonstrating a company’s…

Catriona Aldridge, Clare Heggie, Gillian MacLellan, Tracey Marsden, Michelle de Santis

FCA Rules on Diversity and Inclusion

United Kingdom - May 19 2022 On 20 April 2022, the FCA published PS22/3, setting out its policy statement and final rules on diversity and inclusion on company boards and…

Zain Akhtar, Alice Frydl, Cathy Pitt

Watch On-Demand - Managing Investigations Video Series: HR and Employment Issues

United Kingdom - April 28 2021 Looking at the HR and Employment issues arising during an investigation, our team explores recent trends, hidden HR issues to look out for, and the…

Steven Cochrane, Hannah Netherton

Watch On-Demand - Managing Investigations Video Series: Whistleblowing

United Kingdom - April 22 2021 In this video we discuss Whistleblowing, including the current landscape for whistleblowers, guidance on protected disclosures and liability, and the…

Elisabeth Bremner, Hannah Netherton, Amy Wilkinson