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‘Happy’ New Year of new corporate governance requirements for private companies

United Kingdom - January 21 2019 The Companies (Miscellaneous Reporting) Regulations 2018 came into force on 1 January 2019. For the first time in the UK, some unquoted companies…

Kristy Duane

Main Market companies: get your Legal Entity Identifier before 1 October 2017

United Kingdom - June 1 2017 From 1 October 2017 all issuers of securities admitted to an EU regulated market, such as companies with a premium or standard listing on the UK Main…

Peter Bateman, Gary Green, Alasdair Steele

Quoted companies given more flexibility to issue shares non-pre-emptively

United Kingdom - March 20 2015 In the light of new guidelines published this month by the Pre-Emption Group, most quoted companies will now want to seek authority at their AGM to…

Peter Bateman, Gary Green, James Parkes

Recent cases on breach of warranty

United Kingdom - January 19 2015 Deal teams negotiating acquisitions, or considering claims post-acquisition, should be aware of two recent cases relating to breach of warranties in…

David Bridge, Hannah O'Shea

The Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive

European Union - November 3 2014 The Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive 2014/59/EU (BRRD), originally known as the Recovery and Resolution Directive (RRD), is a minimum…

Paul Edmondson, Simon Morris, Ash Saluja