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Are parent company letters of support legally binding?

United Kingdom - May 14 2013 The High Court has decided that letters of support provided by a parent company did not have contractual force. The letters did no more than provide…

Nick Kuria

Recent cases on breach of warranty

United Kingdom - January 19 2015 Deal teams negotiating acquisitions, or considering claims post-acquisition, should be aware of two recent cases relating to breach of warranties in…

David Bridge, Hannah O'Shea

Can the court ever pierce the corporate veil? Yes – but only extremely rarely

United Kingdom - June 24 2013 In principle, the English courts can pierce the corporate veil to fix the controller of the company with a liability or obligation, but only if there…

Peter Bateman

Bank ring-fencing in the UK – the statutory regime and the latest PRA proposals on legal structure, governance and continuity of services/facilities

United Kingdom - October 30 2014 On 6 October 2014 the PRA published four papers on proposals to strengthen the financial system through structural reform as part of its wider…

Paul Edmondson, Simon Morris, Ash Saluja

Lessons from Madoff on directors’ duties

United Kingdom - December 19 2013 In a recent decision, the Commercial Court dismissed claims brought against five former directors of Madoff Securities International Limited for…

Simon Garrett