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Brexit immigration update: Government outlines its plans for EU citizens arriving after ‘no deal’

European Union, United Kingdom - February 21 2019 On 28 January 2019 Home Secretary Sajid Javid outlined the provisions the government will put into place for EU citizens who arrive in the UK after…

Rachel Easter

Individual liability for whistleblowing dismissals

United Kingdom - October 26 2018 In a significant whistleblowing decision Timis and anor v Osipov, the Court of Appeal has ruled that co-workers who dismiss an employee for making…

Gillian MacLellan

Employing EU nationals - Employer Toolkit launched

United Kingdom - August 8 2018 As we move towards the EU withdrawal date of 29 March 2019, the government has released more information on the rights of EU nationals living in the…

Val Dougan

Indirect discrimination and the failure to offer enhanced shared parental pay

United Kingdom - May 2 2018 The latest case to deal with enhanced shared parental pay, Hextall v Chief Constable of Leicestershire Police, re-opens the door on indirect…

Val Dougan

Potentially unlimited carry-over of holiday pay for workers?

European Union - November 29 2017 In a decision that will have significant and potentially very costly implications for employers operating in the gig economy, the European Court of…

Edward Arnold